President Trump Just Sent the Little Rocket Man a Special Delivery from the USA

Bill Clinton created that mess in North Korea. Since then, George Bush and Barack Obama did nothing but kick the can down the road until it landed in Trump’s lap. Fortunately for us, we now have a president who doesn’t believe in kow-towing to rogue countries, so Trump decided to send “Rocket Man” a little gift…

Churning its way to the front door of North Korean fat boy Kim Jong Un is the U.S. Navy’s premiere nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan. As the main part of a carrier group, the Ronald Reagan will have in tow an Aegis destroyer, a guided-missile cruiser, a nuclear-powered submarine, and possibly an amphibious assault ship. It is enough power to make the boy named Kim think twice about starting a nuclear holocaust.

The Conservative Fighter writes that the carrier group will join the USS Carl Vinson to help “detect, track and intercept the North’s ballistic missiles, in addition to anti-submarine warfare training”.

The military has announced that drills will begin around October 20 and they are sure to be noticed by ‘Rocketman’.

President Trump has said any move by Kim Jong Un to launch an offensive strike will be met by the “fire and fury” of American military might.

The Left had a hissy fit that Trump would be so “belligerent” but that kind of hysteria was not on display when North Korea illegally launched missile after missile in a provocative and antagonizing manner.

The usual globalist game of appeasing a dictator and allowing them to get what they want was shattered by President Trump and the Left is outraged.

Trump has thrown out the usual script and is acting on his prescient instinct. This just might be so confusing for the globalists that they and Kim fail to act, thus saving the lives of millions. Will Trump be thanked? Nope.

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